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10 mind-bending libraries

Now that summer is in full swing, all thoughts of cramming to finish overdue projects have likely drifted away. But just because you’ll be reading trashy magazines at the beach for the next month, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate these stunning temples of learning. Designed by some of the world’s greatest architects, these 10 libraries

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CFA Showcases Client Projects

Featured Projects We thought it would be really great to showcase our client’s projects to spread an inspirational vibe. Therefore, we are giving you the opportunity to create a showcase of your project. Showcase your project with photos or hand sketches, and an optional blog post and video! Each month, CFA features one client project

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Trial of the Century

Pssssst….  Ever hear about the secret room in the Washington Square Arch?  Think you know what it’s for? GENIUS ARCHITECT!  SADISTIC MILLIONAIRE!  STUNNING GIRL FROM NOWHERE!  Are these yesterday’s headlines?  The answer is no; instead they are from June 25, 1906 when Stanford White was murdered by Harry Kendall Thaw.  Newspapers touted that this was

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5 Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview

Could these words be costing you your dream job? By Catherine Conlan, Monster Contributing Writer Hiring managers and HR pros will often close out a job interview by asking an applicant if he or she has any questions themselves. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the job and the company’s expectations,

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“We Really Do Offer The Freedom To Design”

The entire CFA team and I are pleased to announce the completion of the rebranding of our company, social sites, and website.  We wanted a fresh new look that better reflects our times and services in a constantly changing world and the professionals we represent.  I described CFA to as a 29 year old “start-up”

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