“Placement services leader for architects, interior designers and building design professionals, since 1984. CFA is the only placement firm built from scratch by a published designer educated and experienced in architecture. Our search techniques utilize that enhanced insight, which is why job seekers and hiring firms choose our top-tier staffing services.”

Job Seekers

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, higher compensation, a better use of your skill-set, growth potential, or a better work/life balance – our recruiters will present you with permanent and project-based opportunities at a firm of your choice. If you are passively searching or in the job market CFA will help you find the perfect new job and career.

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Hiring Firms

If you need talent to facilitate your firm’s expansion, or a designer on a project basis to meet critical production deadlines – our recruiters will present fully vetted candidates matching your design sensibilities – so you can spend your time on billable activities. Firms can benefit in other ways including our Layoffs Outplacement Option and Payroll Outsourcing Option.

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Autodesk Skills Assessments

We verify our candidate’s Autodesk knowledge in an office setting using our proprietary exams. Clients have made it clear to us: they’re more likely to choose certified candidates over those who are not. In fact, 9 out of 10 employers require a CAD skills assessment before hiring. We make custom assessments for clients working directly with your CAD Director.

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Career choices changed for the better in 1984. There was a time, not so long ago, to build their careers; most up-and-coming architects and interior designers had to remain anchored to one desk, at one firm performing rote tasks. They gave only a very lucky few the opportunity to do actual design work.

Design firms then were in a hiring-and-firing cycle. They were rendering themselves rigid and inefficient in dealing with the natural ebb and flow of work.

Along came a young designer convinced there had to be a better path. In 1984, he founded Consulting for Architects, Inc. (CFA) and changed the industry’s hiring game forever. He offered talented architects and interior design professionals a promising new option: 

Instead of making a long-term full-time commitment to “paying their dues” at a single employer, they could gather under the CFA banner and offer their services to a multitude of design firms. As those firms reaped the benefits of adopting CFA’s non-permanent hiring strategies, they offered more project-based opportunities.

architecture staffing agenciesThings snowballed from thereASA-member_horiz-COLOR-WEB.GIF: within less than a decade of pioneering the concepts of “flex hiring,” “full-time freelancing” and “project consulting,” CFA established itself as the industry’s most trusted, go-to source for architecture and interior design talent.

Other staffing businesses jumped into the game, but none could match CFA’s innate expertise and experience within the profession.

Today, project consulting has become the norm. Contingent workers have been a growing segment of the labor force since the recovery began in 2010. They account for over 25% of private-sector hiring.

CFA is a true “market-maker,” with thousands of strong project-based and permanent placements, and all thanks to its esteemed clients. Clients comprising hundreds of working professionals and firms on both sides of the hiring equation.

CFA – Who Are We?

Placement leader for architects, interior designers and building design professionals since 1984.



“We match professionals and firms with similar design sensibilities, every day since 1984. When completing projects on time and on budget achieved by the slimmest of margins, hiring on a short-term basis to control overhead has become the norm. Firms compete for talented architects and designers all the time and using us to help in recruiting and vetting the best talent for you provides that competitive edge that assures your clients satisfaction and repeat business.”



Many professionals desire an alternative to traditional placement options – especially if they feel pigeon-holed or want to fast-track their career.  Hiring these job seekers on a project basis, brings a specific skill set to your project – from Revit drafting to curtain wall design. To avoid hiring and firing pitfalls, this is the intelligent solution for both parties.

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placement options


As the demand for hiring a design professional has dramatically increased and firms are hiring in record numbers. Hiring firms often opt for a trial period before fully committing. Some job seekers hoping to find the best match will work for a trial basis before making long-term commitments. The typical trial period is 3-months.

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We develop permanent placement solutions and recruiting strategies specific to your company’s business and design objectives. If you’re weeding through stacks of resumes from job seekers who don’t meet your requirements, you’re spending too much Time, Energy, and Money. Let us do the work so you can spend your time on billable activities.

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“Reimagining Legacy: Philip Johnson’s Glass House Achieves LEED Platinum Excellence”

Architecture: Sustainability Revisited

Introduction Philip Johnson’s Glass House is a timeless architectural masterpiece renowned for its minimalist elegance and groundbreaking design. Constructed in 1949, this iconic structure was ahead of its time, yet sustainability and energy efficiency were not focal points in the mid-20th century. In this blog post, we’ll explore modern sustainable materials and energy-efficient measures that

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