FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Following are among the most frequently asked questions.

1. What kind of positions do you handle?

Consulting For Architects recruits almost exclusively for local companies requiring support and leadership within the Architecture and Design sectors.  We have also recruit within the Engineering and Construction sectors upon request.  The following are many examples of the types of positions for which CFA recruits.

2. Do you fill positions on a project and permanent basis?

Since there is always a need for both short-term and direct-hire, CFA makes project and permanent placements. We also support project placements converting to permanent employment after a trial period.[polldaddy survey=”BEA43946895C8CB4″ type=”slider” title=”Take Our Survey!” body=”Let firm principals know what motivates millennials at work.” button=”Get Started.” width=”400px”]

faq3. What is the minimum commitment when engaging a CFA consultant?

There is none. CFA can support any project duration from a day through six months or longer.

4. How (and how much) do you charge for your services?

Project placement is charged by the hour and permanent placement is a percentage of the first year’s salary. CFA is committed to recruiting highest quality professionals at competitive market rates. We are equally committed to working with the highest quality firms and projects. CFA’s fees are paid by the firms and only billed when we complete a successful placement.

5. What is the process for finding people through CFA?

Our recruitment efforts begin immediately upon receipt of your oral or written job description. We ascertain the details of the position to better understand your needs and requirements.  Then we select the best candidates based on that information and present them to you for review.  To assist you in the selection process, we include resumes, samples, and references with each submission.  We have thoroughly interviewed our candidates and their design portfolios, and only with their permission, make our recommendation to your firm.

6. How quickly can CFA respond to my needs?

Maintaining a large talent pool enables us to respond within days or hours to any client request. Regardless of your requirements or deadlines, feel free to call us and ask.

7. Do you Certify a candidate’s CAD skills?

Yes, we do. Every participating applicant takes our CAD Certificate exam. We have AutoCAD, Revit and BIM Management Certifications at the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Learn More.

8. Can employers use your certification exams to evaluate the CAD skills of their employees and new hires?

Yes. Many clients also use our exams to identify specific training deficiencies among staff and develop targeted over the shoulder training. Visit site.

9. Do you provide background checks?

At the client’s request we can facilitate third-party drug screenings, criminal background, and financial credit checks, as well as, meet any other need you may have for background or security purposes. These can be coordinated through our office for a fee, or you may decide to do them yourself through your own service providers.  In our experience, such background checks are not common.


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