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“Better for the Earth.  Better for the Client.  Way Better for You.”

  • After watching a CFA video profile I'm more likely to meet the candidate.
    CFA client firm, Principal
  • Making my 90-second video for CFA was a blast.
    CFA client candidate, Project Architect
  • I immediately gravitate to CFA's video profiles; not the 150 resumes on my desk.
    CFA client firm, Human Resources Department
  • CFA applicants that don’t submit a video profile are disadvantaged.
    CFA client firm, Project Manager
  • Only CFA has video profiles.
    CFA client candidate, Recent Grad
  • When CFA submitted my video profile I was interviewed immediately.
    CFA client candidate, Designer

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Top 5 Reasons to have a video interview.

1. Reduces your carbon footprint.
2. Reduces traveling to multiple interviews.
3. Embraces new innovations and technologies.
4. Presents you as a person, not a piece of paper.
5. Employers (9 out of 10) watch video resumes before reading paper resumes. Clients frequently submit their own questions for you.

The benefits of embracing the video interview for the environment are easy to see, but it’s also great at cutting down wasted time in your career search. Think of how tough it can be to schedule interviews at the best firms. Now imagine how easy it could be if the firm could meet you virtually from anywhere, at any time. Best of all, the environment gets a reprieve. See more.

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Video technology is completely compliant in the hiring process.

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Video Interviewing: the Need for Speed in Making Quality Hires

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