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Wanted: World-destroying Architects

What started as a comment has become a short post in response to an opinion article by Adam Greenfield in the current edition of Dezeen online titled “All those complicit in Neom’s design and construction are already destroyers of worlds.” In Sum. • Adam Greenfield’s opinion article titled “All those complicit in Neom’s design and

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Increase Your Bottom Line and Keep Your Employees Happy

Flex-core staffing is an excellent way for architecture firms to break the hiring-firing cycle, increase their firm’s bottom line, and keep their employees happy. By hiring temp architects to fill in the peaks and valleys that always occur, firms can keep their core staff intact and avoid the need to engage and fire employees constantly.

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Benefits of Working on a Project Basis

There are always peaks and valleys in the work of an architectural firm. Sometimes we work on multiple projects at different phases. Other times we are focused on a single project. Design Development and Construction Documents phases can be exceptionally hectic, with deadlines looming. There are many reasons to pursue a career as an architect

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The (Post-Pandemic) Job Hunt

October 6, 2022 – The post-pandemic job hunt is in full swing, and for architects and interior designers, the demand is higher than the supply. With businesses reopening and new companies starting, there is a greater need for these professionals’ design services. If you are an architect or interior designer looking for a job, now

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The Hiring War To Find And Retain Architecture And Design Talent

October 6, 2022 – There is no doubt that the architecture and design industry is booming. With new buildings and other projects popping up all over the country, the demand for talent is higher than ever. However, with a large percentage of the workforce leaving the industry during the pandemic, there is a significant gap in the

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Architects Billing Index

Firms Report Strongest Billing Since Before Recession PHILADELPHIA (MNI) – U.S. architects are enjoying the fastest growth in billings since before the recession for their work on a range of residential and commercial construction projects, and expect continued growth in coming months, according to company owners and a trade association. Architecture firms in Los Angeles,

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Architecture Salaries Increase

Architecture salaries increase and the job market is on fire. Review our current job listings Project Architect | Corporate Interiors New York Space Planner | University New York, New York Assistant Construction PM | Hi-End Residential New York, New York Business Development l Project Manager Bend, Oregon Senior Interior Designer | Corporate Interiors New York,

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Recruiter Kristi Enigl

Recruiter Kristi Enigl Consulting For Architects, Inc. (CFA), a leading staffing firm for the architecture and interior design industry since 1984, announced today the hiring of Recruiter Kristi Enigl located in the New York office. Consulting for Architects (CFA) is pleased to welcome its newest member, Recruiter Ms. Kristi Enigl. CFA has been recruiting talented

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New Jet Age Design

New Jet Age Design Dubai International Airport has surpassed Heathrow as the world’s busiest global hub, while three Gulf airlines—Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad—are scooping up passengers. Boarding a lavishly appointed Airbus A380 at Dubai’s $4.5 billion Terminal 3, Graham Boynton examines the tectonic shift in aviation that threatens to leave the West’s cramped, bare-bones

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Reasons to Be Self-Employed

Reasons to be self-employed add up to 55! Taken by a poll of its readers, this list of reasons to be self-employed is the most thought out I have seen.  It was written by By: Jennifer Good for The Self-Employed Website. Being self-employed is one of the truest forms of freedom. In fact, when we polled TSE readers,

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