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The Jewels of Aoyama – Today’s featured project

A project by: Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Tokyo, Japan

This project is a formation of two different buildings; the main building has a limestone curtainwall façade of slit-windows that angles rhythmically like a folding screen, and in contrast to this, the smaller corner building is an entirely glass volume.  Together with its very prominent neighboring building, Prada, the buildings form a core complex for the Miyuki Dori area.  The corner building, surrounded by its larger neighbors, is set off as a centerpiece and creates a very strong identity for the complex as a whole and for the Minami Aoyama area as well.

The different appearance of the two buildings helps to enhance their relationship; the main building’s limestone façade creates a cohesive background to contrast with the entirely glass surfaces of the corner building, while also revealing activity of the shops behind through its slit windows.  By dividing the project into two buildings, this provided the opportunity to create an open plaza space in the center.  This space creates an extra circulation zone at this central intersection, pulling people through the complex, and making a dynamic space at the tenant’s entry space.  As people pass through, the intent is to evoke a response through the impact of the building design, and create interest in entering. 

Set beside the stoic blue crystal volume of the Prada building, the warm yellow limestone façade changes with the moving perspective as people walk by.   With this contrast, the intent is to ultimately compliment the surrounding buildings by creating an animated street experience.

Source:  Architizer – see more photos

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Great Green Buildings of the World – ACROS Fukuoka

fukuoka_green_roof1Twice in the last 24 hours I have come across this green building located in Japan in the news.  Yesterday for its award of being named having 1 of the top 5 green roofs in the world (I can’t recall where I read; so if interested check your search engines) and again moments ago on the Urban Igloos Blog.  It is very striking and I want to bring it to your attention.  Apparently this acclaimed project is not getting much exposure in the US, according to Urban Igloos, so let me do my part.

For the full article and more photos visit the Urban Igloos Blog 

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Dancing Living House, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan


Designed as a single-family residence combined with a dance studio, this three-story reinforced concrete building is private and open to the sky, and best of all it has plenty of parking, which comes at a premium in Japan.

Dancing Living House, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, by Junichi Sampei, for A.L.X. (Architect Label Xain)
via: What we do is Secret

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