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How to find a job using Linkedin

By Laura Brown
June 22, 2009
If you’re not familiar with Linkedin, go to the Linkedin Learning Center to get your basic questions answered. Then register (there’s no cost to start a basic account) and design a complete business profile that highlights your accomplishments. Think of this as your online resume. What would you want a prospective employer to read about you?
Also, remember that anyone at your company can see this profile, so if you don’t want your current employer to know that you are looking for a job, don’t mention it.
After you finish your profile, you can start to invite your current colleagues and friends to connect with you.  You can also reconnect with people you worked with in the past. Search for colleagues at past jobs by using the “Search” button at the top of the page or go to the bottom of the page and look under “Just Joined Linkedin”.  It will show people at the companies that you worked for that you might know.
Next, you want to expand your profile by asking colleagues to write references for you on Linkedin. Make sure to write references for them also.
Full article via Examiner.com
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6 Ways to Get – And Stay – Motivated

By CC Holland

May 27th, 2009

Find yourself running out of enthusiasm and steam? Are you low on vim and vigor? Here are six ways to get your motivation mojo working again, courtesy of Jason Echols at Black Belt Productivity.

1. Decide exactly what you want to accomplish in a day. Nothing kills motivation faster than an unclear task list (or no task list at all). If possible, plan your day the night before.

2. Stay positive. Is the glass half full, or half empty? Your choice. But know that a good attitude and a proper perspective can help keep you moving.

3. Don’t forget the finish line. Keep your end goals in mind — remember what it is you’re working for, whether it’s a promotion, a project, or taking care of your family.

4. Get plenty of rest. Low energy = low motivation, so don’t skimp on sleep, tempting as it might be to stay up late and get some more things done.

5. Exercise. It’s no secret that a good sweat, especially first thing in the morning, can jump-start both your body and your brain.

6. Eat smart. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to take that lunch break, or even grab breakfast when you’re running late. But a steady diet of vending-machine food, or gorging too much at noontime because you’re starving, can sap your body and slow your motor down.

More information on this reprint from BNET

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Not business as usual

NBAU_268The economy has changed radically throughout the world in the last few months. The impact has been strongly felt in the New York City design community. Projects have been put on hold or altogether stopped; new commissions are not readily forthcoming. Firms have begun, in turn, to downsize. Many of our colleagues are losing their jobs. Many young professionals are not being hired. And our bills are not being paid.

AIA New York kicked off its Not Business as Usual lunchtime initiative on December 17, 2008, in an effort to unite the architecture and design community around these issues. As the location for these lunches, the Center for Architecture serves as a space for problem-solving, discussion, and action planning, as well as for coping with the realities of an economic downturn. The initiative continues in 2009 with two Wednesday sessions every month, each with a different focus.

Full article via AIA NY


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