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Choi+Shine wins BSA Unbuilt Architecture Award for Land of Giants

Brookline, MA-based Jin Choi & Thomas Shine of Choi+Shine recently received the 2010 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture Award for their “Land of Giants” project. The project was originally submitted for an Icelandic pylon competition, where it received an honorable mention.   The competition was to find a new typology for Iceland’s high voltage power lines and pylons.

This design transforms mundane electrical pylons into statues on the Icelandic landscape by making only small alterations to existing pylon design.

Making only minor alterations to well established steel-framed tower design, we have created a series of towers that are powerful, solemn and variable. These iconic pylon-figures will become monuments in the landscape. Seeing the pylon-figures will become an unforgettable experience, elevating the towers to something more than merely a functional design of necessity.

The pylon-figures can be configured to respond to their environment with appropriate gestures. As the carried electrical lines ascend a hill, the pylon-figures change posture, imitating a climbing person. Over long spans, the pylon-figure stretches to gain increased height, crouches for increased strength or strains under the weight of the wires.

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Performing arts center uncovered


Kauffman Center

Kauffman Center

Principal Isaac Franco AIA and associate Sarah Lindenfeld of Moshe Safdie and Associates join the Performing Arts Design Committee at The Architects Building on Friday, May 22 at 8:00 am to discuss the much-anticipated Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City. Currently under construction, the project includes a 1,800-seat proscenium theater, 1,600-seat concert hall, banquet hall and grand foyer. Dynamic forms, dramatic views and expressive lighting add to this project’s compelling design. No RSVP is needed for morning meetings.

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