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My professors said I wouldn’t make money

The salary of an architect can vary widely depending on several factors, such as their experience, location, and the type of work they are engaged in. While some architects may earn lower salaries, there are several reasons why this may be the case:

  1. Supply and Demand: There are more architects than available positions, which can drive down salaries.
  2. Industry competition: The architecture industry is highly competitive, and firms may be willing to hire less experienced architects at lower salaries.
  3. Project Budgets: Clients may have limited budgets for architectural services, which can result in lower fees for architects.
  4. Time and Effort: Architecture is a time-intensive profession that requires years of education and training. It can take a long time for an architect to become established and earn higher salaries.
  5. Public perception: The public may not fully appreciate the value of architectural services, which can limit the amount that clients are willing to pay for them.
  6. Economic factors: Economic downturns can also affect the demand for architectural services, reducing salaries in the field.

Overall, the salary of an architect can be influenced by various factors, and architects need to consider these factors when determining their earning potential. I know because I worked at several architecture firms before I started Consulting For Architects.

I am an artist, not a business expert.

While architects certainly require artistic abilities to create beautiful and functional buildings, the success of an architectural practice also depends on its business acumen. Architecture firms must manage finances, attract clients, and navigate the legal and regulatory landscape like any other business. Therefore, it is not necessarily true that architects are better artists than businesspeople.

Many successful architects are also skilled businesspeople. They understand how to market their services, manage finances, negotiate contracts, and navigate the industry’s complexities. They also have strong leadership and management skills, which are crucial for managing a team of professionals, overseeing multiple projects simultaneously, and building solid relationships with clients and contractors.

It’s worth noting that while artistic ability is a critical component of an architect’s skill set, it is not the only factor that determines their success. Communication skills, problem-solving ability, attention to detail, and knowledge of technical requirements are also necessary. Additionally, architects must keep up with emerging technologies, sustainable design practices, and changing industry trends to remain competitive.

In short, while artistic talent is certainly an essential aspect of an architect’s skill set, successful architects must also have business acumen and leadership skills to thrive in their profession.

Share your experience with me in the comment section, and I will respond.

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Feeling Glum in Your Architect or Design Job?

Here’s How to Beat the Blues, Stop Working Overtime, and Earn a Decent Salary

An architect job can take a lot out of us when we aren’t earning what we want. 

Most architects would agree, the hours are long and sometimes the compensation doesn’t meet par. That doesn’t mean that we can’t find ways to get more from our architect career. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the architect salary for 2019 averaged around $79,380 per year and pays approximately $38.16 per hour. While the highest-paid architect might make much more per year than the average, most architects may feel pressured to reach this standard within their current job. 

There are several reasons we may miss the mark. Before we go further into it, let’s take a look at why an architect job can become so demanding.  

Why Do Architect Jobs Require So Much Time? 

Since much of their time is spent working long hours on a high-priority project for their employer, architects’ schedules become arduous and taxing.  

Architects can quickly become absorbed into their work and lose track of how many hours they’re putting in. If we have a time-sensitive project, our employer often won’t compensate us for off-the-clock hours we put in. On top of it all, we’re still managing other duties. 

An architect job isn’t just a job, it’s a big responsibility to commit to our employer’s demands. The trick to staying on top of it all comes with experience and managing our time on the job.  

3 Ways an Architect Can Improve Overtime Schedules

Before we can focus on our time management, we need to consider what responsibilities we’re juggling at once and reorganize everything accordingly. Here are some steps we can take to increase our architect salary per hour.  

1. Make To-Do Lists Each Day

If we know we have a tight ship for the day, we’re going to get overwhelmed and stressed trying to remember everything. A great way to cope with days like this is to write a list of tasks that need to be done and set out to complete each one in order. 

Don’t skip steps on the list unless it’s necessary. Just focus on the single task at hand and the work will get done without spending too much time fixing errors. 

2. Tackle Less Essential Tasks Later

When an architect job or task doesn’t require our immediate attention, we can usually put it off for another day. However, if we put it off for too long, it will eventually mess with the future tasks our employer gives us. 

That’s why we should focus mainly on the large tasks when we’re on the clock and finish up the simple tasks once we have free time. Our employer will be more than glad to accommodate a higher salary for us if we finish the high-priority tasks on time.  

3. Allow Time to Recharge 

Some days we need to recharge so we can continue to present our best work to our employer. It’s normal to become overwhelmed in the middle of a large project or when we need to fix our mistakes. 

Identifying our limits and knowing when to breathe can make a massive difference in the outcome of a project. Don’t be afraid to ask for time off if you notice that your job performance is lacking. 

Let Us Help You Achieve a Higher Architect Pay Scale 

Managing an architect job isn’t simple. We know what it’s like to be under pressure to complete our best work and perfect the finer details. Allow our dedicated staffing team to assist you with time management issues so you can enjoy your career to the fullest. 

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