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Garrison Architects designs new beach facilities

New facilities landing on New York’s Sandy-ravaged beaches. Consulting For Architects has placed an architect at Garrison Architects on a short-term basis. He is currently working on the fabrication phase of this project Surf’s up! But don’t worry, the city’s new beach facilities will be able to handle it. The New York City Department of Parks

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Zero, Zip, Nada.

My work doesn’t get built. There, I said it.  Nothing I’ve designed as Cobrooke in the last five years has gotten built. Zero, zip, nada. Not the concierge ALF in Tampa, the new campus plan for a developmentally disabled service provider, a new technology center or the performing arts center addition or the school for

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I know you like good architecture. Come like my company page, Consulting For Architects, Inc.!

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Architect Writes A Book of Short Stories

The target audience for this book includes: People in creative fields e.g. architects, artists, engineers etc. Professionals who work in a field where there is a confluence of technology and humanities e.g. employees of Apple, Pixar, Google etc. Educated women from all over the world. Culturally open-minded Americans and Europeans. As this book’s author, publicist

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Blah, Blah, Blah

My head spins these days as I read the pablum being spewed forth about technological or practice methodologies revolutionizing the practice of architecture. BIM, REVIT, IPD, open-sourcing, architect as chief-collaborator, blah, blah, blah. Enough! None of that stuff matters unless we have work. And these days there just isn’t enough to go around. Or maybe

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