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Winter Street Architects, Salem, MA – Biting the BIM Bullet

I have said numerous times lately that the lessons of this prolonged recession and necessity to achieve efficiency’s to survive will be a game changer for BIM acceptance in AEC firms.  Everyday I see evidence supporting that.  Here is a post from a firm in Salem, MA that agrees that BIM is key in moving forward and competing:

Photorealistic BIM Rendering of the Salem State College, Weir-Stanley Building Music Rehearsal Space

Photo-realistic BIM Rendering of the Salem State College, Weir-Stanley Building Music Rehearsal Space

If you haven’t done it by now, you better get to it!  Or fall so far behind you may never be able to catch up.  Bite the BIM bullet.  It’s the future of the building industry and the future is now or just around the corner.  Our firm swallowed the BIM pill way back in 2003; a year after Revit was first introduced to the market by Autodesk.  What we saw then was what other industries have been doing for years: virtually prototyping and testing designs prior to fabrication.  Economics and compute power had the practice relegated to big business and complex industries, but now the industrial evolution has finally availed these tools to the AEC Industry that allow us to rise up and shed our Neanderthal trappings.  Those who will not adapt and wait, or dismiss it as a passing fad, will surrender to Natural Selection ending up in their own version of the La Brea Tar Pits. What BIM allows us to do is create buildings in the same way that we think about them; as visualized complete projects.  We don’t think in plans, elevations, sections and details.  These methods deconstruct the total visualized idea into two dimensional components simply to communicate complexities of the idea to someone else or to allow us to coordinate others’ work into our complex idea.

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