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8 Occupations With Increased Demand

It’s hard to tell if the recession is over, with the high unemployment rate. But there are strong signs of recovery in the online job market. Annual growth rate is up 21% overall since July, 2009, according to Monster’s Employment Index. Here are eight occupations in which employers are hiring – using online ads – at the fastest rate. (Learn more about the compound annual growth rate, in CAGR: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.) …

1. Legal
2. Business and Financial Operations
3. Transportation and Material Moving
4. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media

5. Architecture and Engineering –
Increase: 23%
As our population grows, so does our need for buildings to live, work and shop in, which is why we need more architects. Although outsourcing of basic architectural design overseas hurts employment, American jobs in architecture and engineering are forecasted to grow by 16% over the next eight years. Think green, creative and innovative if this is your industry, and the jobs will follow. (Learn more about outsourcing, in The Globalization Debate.)

6. Production
7. Construction and Extraction
8. Healthcare Support

The Bottom Line
Online job postings have increased in almost every sector according to Monster’s Employment Index, with computer, education and office and administrative jobs also seeing double-digit percentage growth. So what does this mean for our economy? What’s important to note about Monster’s numbers is that mining, manufacturing and transportation and warehousing are the industries showing the largest growth – with mining seeing an impressive 53% gain since 2009. Any economic analyst will tell you this means an increase in production, a possible early indicator of economic recovery. Good news, even if you’re not looking for a job.

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