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Wall Built Entirely by Robot / Pike Loop by Gramazio & Kohler

Once again the folks at RADDblog post an exciting story about architecture & design.  Look at this beautiful brick wall built by a robot, allowing the designer to realize designs advanced in computer aided design programs directly to the construction process with no compromise.  Later this month the robot will build another wall in Manhatten.  Lean about it below.




From RADDblog

Construction will begin on a wall to be built entirely by a robot – designed by Swiss architects Gramazio and Kohler – in New York later this month. The same robot, R-O-B, was used to construct the award-winning Structural Oscillations installation at the 2008 architectural biennial in Venice. The new sculptural brick wall – called Pike Loop – will be constructed on Pike street, New York, in full public view over a period of four weeks. Construction will commence on 29 September. The robot has been mounted on a low-bed trailer, allowing it to manoeuvre along the wall as it places more than seven thousand bricks. The wall is the next step in three years of research into full-scale digital fabrication in architecture using industrial robots, conducted by the architects at ETH Zurich. Gramazio and Kohler will also be exhibiting their research at the Storefront for Art and Architecture gallery in New York.

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