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I don’t want to do anything else!

“Maybe you should do something else”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had somebody say that to me over the last couple of years. It usually follows a long winded rant on my part about how much the profession sucks, how hard it is to find work, how hard it is to get

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Yoga and the practice of architecture

“Let your breath lead you into the pose” For those of you who practice yoga you have no doubt heard that quote at one time or another during your practice. It means you can’t (or shouldn’t) force your body into a yoga pose, rather, let your body acclimate to and deepen into the pose by

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“Keep Dancing”

“It’s not for you” “For everyone else, though, the ability to say, “It’s not for you,” is the foundation for creating something brave and important. You can’t do your best work if you’re always trying to touch the untouchable, or entertain those that refuse to be entertained. “It’s not for you.” This is easy to

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A fictional tale about an architect and his career

A fictional tale about an architect and his career The end came for William some 1,800 miles and 26 years from where it all began.  It’s an all too familiar scene.  The partners gather, you’re “invited” to join them in the conference room.  Eschewing eye contact, you’re told what a great employee you are, how

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