Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement

permanent placement

Hiring an architect, designer, or building design professional to meet the current demand is a challenge and you are competing with multiple offers as job seekers make their move. Reliability and sourcing is critical and why we have grown with our client base since 1984.

When it’s time to find a new firm and further your career and financial status, CFA has a number of exciting full-time opportunities to consider. Your new title and responsibilities are as important as the firm you choose and its culture.  You never want to make a parallel move when changing employers and you always want to put yourself in position to succeed. Using its extensive network of relationships developed over the years, CFA can target specific firms on your wish list for permanent placement and help you maximize your hard-earned experience and skills.

Increase your salary
Gain additional responsibility
Open up your career path
Work with cutting edge design

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