Placement Options

Placement Options

“Recruiting and placing architects, interior designers and building design professionals is our only focus”


Many professionals desire an alternative to traditional employment–especially if they feel pigeon-holed or want a more flexible schedule. Our Project Placement offers you that alternative.  We match job seekers and hiring firms on a project basis, ensuring they share similar design sensibilities, approaches and goals. We’ve found that job seekers who avail themselves of our services for one-to-three year periods gain a competitive edge in terms of variety and breadth of experience. Armed with enhanced portfolios when reentering the job market, they can command more responsibility and career growth.  Earn IDP credits for project-based work.

Make your own schedule
Broaden your portfolio
Set your own fee
Work at a variety of firms


Have you ever had “buyer’s remorse” after accepting a full-time position or jumping at the first offer to come along? You’re not alone: Many job seekers choose to work on a trial basis before making a long-term commitment. Our Project-to-Permanent Placement option provides an alternative. Job seekers will start on a project basis under the expectation of a permanent option. Give yourself and your employer time to decide if it’s the right fit.

Use the trial to find the right firm
Be sure your career goals are met
Experience the firm’s culture first- hand
Get to know your coworkers

Permanent Placement

When it’s time to find a new firm and further your career and financial status, CFA has a number of exciting full-time opportunities to consider. Your new title and responsibilities are as important as the firm you choose and its culture.  You never want to make a parallel move when changing employers and you always want to put yourself in position to succeed. Using its extensive network of relationships developed over the years, CFA can target specific firms on your wish list and help you maximize your hard-earned experience and skills.

Increase your salary
Gain additional responsibility
Open up your career path
Work with cutting edge design

Layoffs Outplacement Option

No one looks forward to layoffs. Outplacement services provide employers a specialized career support to employees who are leaving a job through no fault of their own. This is generally a service that a company offers as an employee benefit when a layoff is about to occur. The company contracts with an outplacement service to provide this support at no cost to departing employees. We use our experience and solutions as a leading placement firm to help employees re-establish a job as soon as possible.

Resume and cover letter development and writing
Career assessments for the best employment match
Interview scheduling and preparation
Career guidance sessions and coaching
CAD skills assessments

Payroll Outsourcing Option

Place temporary, freelance, or project-based consultants that you have independently sourced, onto our payroll.  For a nominal fee added to the rates you have negotiated directly with your workers, we will manage all back-office functionality including paying the fees of your workers. Employment laws regarding the direct hire of independent contractors, classification of employees and payment of overtime, are difficult to navigate and could leave your organization exposed.

Protect against worker misclassification
Reduce UI and Workers Comp Insurance Costs
Avoid IRS scrutiny – Avoid fees and penalties
Comply with government regulations

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