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“Staffing leader for architects, interior designers and building design professionals since 1984. CFA is the only placement firm built from scratch by a published designer educated and experienced in architecture. Our search techniques utilize that enhanced insight, which is why job seekers and hiring firms choose our top-tier staffing services.

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Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, higher compensation, a better use of your skill-set, growth potential, or a better work/life balance – Our recruiters will present you with permanent and project-based opportunities.  If you are passively searching or currently in the job market CFA will help you find the perfect new job and career.


Hiring Firms

If you need talented new employees to facilitate your firms expansion, or a designer on a project basis to meet critical production deadlines – Our focused recruiters will present fully vetted candidates that match your design sensibilities, so you can spend your time on billable activities.


Autodesk Certification Exams

We verify our candidate’s Autodesk CAD knowledge in an office setting using our proprietary CAD Certification Exams. Our Certifications are valuable, professional credentials, which are recognized standards for design software proficiency in a professional office setting.

Autodesk Certification Exams are Available to the Public


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Architecture staffing choices changed for the better in 1984. There was a time, not so long ago, in order to build their careers; most up-and-coming architects had to remain anchored to one desk, at one firm performing rote tasks. Only a very lucky few were given the opportunity to do actual design work.

Architecture firms were stuck in a hiring-and-firing cycle. They were rendering themselves rigid and inefficient in dealing with the natural ebb and flow of work.

Along came a young designer, who was convinced there had to be a better path. In 1984, he founded Consulting for Architects and changed the industry’s staffing game forever. He offered talented architects and design professionals a promising new option: 

Instead of making a long-term full-time commitment to “paying their dues” at a single employer, they could gather under the CFA banner and offer their services to a multitude of firms. As those firms began to reap the benefits of adopting CFA’s non-permanent hiring strategies, they began to offer more project-based opportunities.

architecture staffing agenciesThings snowballed from there: within less than a decade of pioneering the concepts of “flex hiring,” “full-time freelancing” and “project consulting,” CFA was firmly established as the industry’s most trusted, go-to source for architecture and design talent.

Other architecture staffing businesses jumped into the game, but none could match CFA’s innate expertise and experience within the profession.

Today, project consulting has become the norm. Contingent workers have been a growing segment of the labor force since the recovery began in 2010. They account for 26.2% of private-sector hiring.

CFA is a true “market-maker,” with thousands of successful project and permanent placements, and all thanks to its esteemed clients. Clients comprised of hundreds of working professionals and firms on both sides of the hiring equation.

CFA – Who Are We?

Staffing leader for architects, interior designers and building design professionals since 1984.


Staffing Options

Hiring an architect, designer, or engineer on a flexible basis (temp) to supplement core staff gives your firm a competitive advantage. When completing projects on time and on budget is achieved by the slimmest of margins. Let CFA manage your staffing needs while you focus on billable activities. Staffing leader for architects, interior designers and building design professionals since 1984.
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Many professionals desire an alternative to traditional employment–especially if they feel pigeon-holed or want to fast-track their career.  Hiring an architect on a project basis, or working as a project consultant, is the intelligent solution.



As the demand for hiring an architect increases dramatically firms are hiring permanent employees in record numbers. Exercising caution much of this hiring is on a trial period basis.  At the same time, architects will choose to work on a trial basis before making a long-term commitment.



Hiring an architect, designer, or engineer to meet the current demand is a challenge and you are competing with multiple offers as job seekers make their move. Reliability and sourcing is critical and why we have grown with our client base since 1984.

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How to transform independent contractors into employees

Architecture Hiring

First, make an architecture or interior-design independent contractor into an employee by formalizing the person’s work arrangement and paying him or her regular wages. The IRS and its interpretation of payment and work plays the most important role in deciding a person’s status. At our staffing firm for architects and designers converting a independent contractor

Millennials in the architecture workplace

Hiring Millennials

Hiring Millennials Consulting For Architects, Inc. is gathering editorial information from our architecture and design colleagues between the ages of 18 to 35. Your comments will be considered and may be quoted in our 2016 white paper: Hiring Trends – Millennials in the architecture workplace Existing research on Millennials, by others claim: Seem to have shorter attention spans than

Video Interviews

The Job Hunt

Video Interviews “Better for the Earth.  Better for the Client.  Way Better for You.” Top 5 Reasons to try video interviews? 1. Reduces your carbon footprint. 2. Reduces traveling to multiple interviews. 3. Embraces new innovations and technologies. 4. Presents you as a person, not a piece of paper. 5. Employers (9 out of 10) watch video

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Helping architects, interior designers and building design professionals since 1984.

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