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Architecture for Humanity: Sendai Quake – Supporting Reconstruction

For those who have experienced the reality of a recent disaster, the following days and weeks are chaotic and filled with stories of heroism and loss. The first responders are not charities but the families of those who are injured or missing.

These immediate days are also not the time for architects or urban planners to show up thinking they can start rebuilding and Architecture for Humanity makes it a policy to only take action with invitation. Within hours of the disaster we were approached by a number of Japanese groups, including our local chapters in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka, for our support and services and so are raising funds and laying the groundwork for a partnership in the reconstruction initiative. We are receiving contributions online.

Currently, a coalition of individuals is trying to help update foreign nationals in Japan with the latest information regarding unfolding events. This is also being done via twitter the hashtag #honyaquake.

After primary needs are addressed, Architecture for Humanity will move to support those local Japanese architects and building professionals who want to contribute their own time and expertise in the rebuilding efforts. We will direct resources to help professionals protect and preserve cultural and historic structures and provide services to communities that would otherwise not have access to their expertise.

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