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Some interesting arch/design websites

| aia, architecture, architecture critic | May 26, 2009


For Architects
A searchable database of architecture firms around the world. (added to sidebar under architectural links::online journals)

GAB Report
GAB = Green Architecture Building Report, “a resource for sharing information on responsible, green, and sustainable design, ranging from the architecture to the building details, and from the site features to the building products.” (added to sidebar under blogs::sustainability)

“A search by images, words, signs, colors on places of living. A sailing by sight, a trip around ideas, people, and what makes them part of nature, and the world.” (added to sidebar under blogs::urban)

“A space dedicated to the discussion of contemporary world architecture, art and design.” (added to sidebar under blogs::architecture)

The redesigned web page of the AIA New York Chapter.

Credit to the A Daily Dose of Architecture blog

About the author

Drawing upon original ideas and extensive personal and professional experience in the field, David McFadden crafted this article to explore the latest trends in the fields of architecture and building design. After working at various design practices—both full-time and freelance—and launching his design firm, David identified a significant gap in the industry. In 1984, he founded Consulting For Architects Inc. Careers, an expansive hub designed to align architects with hiring firms for mutual benefit. This platform enables architects to find impactful design work and frees hiring firms from the time-consuming cycles of recruitment and layoffs. David’s innovative approach to employer-employee relations has brought much-needed flexibility and adaptation to the industry. As the Founder and CEO, David has successfully guided his clients and staff through the challenges of four recessions—the early ’80s, early ’90s, early 2000s, the Great Recession, the pandemic, and the current slowdown due to inflation and high-interest rates.

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