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Can a freelancer perform like a company?

| Freelancer tips | May 06, 2009

sb10066467f-004From Freelancer Blog – Yes, and many times, better. There are many benefits to hiring freelancers to do work you would otherwise have to hire an independent company to do, or hire a full or part-time employee to do. When you have projects ranging from jobs and careers in business marketing to freelance translation career fields, having one person on your staff may not fill your needs. Hiring your own employees might work, but at what cost?

When you hire a freelancer you are getting the BEST person for that specific job. You only have to pay THEM and not everyone else an independent company needs to pay to keep it running, from secretaries to owners. Being able to select different individuals for each project also gives you a greater flexibility than you would have if you hired one person to do it all and kept them on your payroll whether you needed them or not. If your work is varied that could mean needing to hire an entire office full of employees—along with having the facilities to put them up, keep them working, provide their supplies, computers and other necessities of doing business.

The ability to hire freelancers is also a boon to those enterprising individuals who operate successful home businesses. If you have a project, you can’t hire someone and put them in your living room while they do the work, but when you hire a freelancer the work is done off-site and delivered to you electronically with no hassle.  Being an independent company working from home also means needing to keep your budget low, so hiring a staffing company to complete your projects is likely to be out of your price range and unnecessary if you don’t have a constant supply of work.

Online freelancing is productive for both parties, and your company will reap all the benefits – which include keeping as much money as possible in your pocket where it belongs.

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Drawing upon original ideas and extensive personal and professional experience in the field, David McFadden crafted this article to explore the untapped potential of making historic architectural masterpieces more sustainable. After working at various design practices—both full-time and freelance—and launching his design firm, David identified a significant gap in the industry. In 1984, he founded Consulting For Architects Inc. Careers, an expansive hub designed to align architects with hiring firms for mutual benefit. This platform enables architects to find impactful design work and frees hiring firms from the time-consuming cycles of recruitment and layoffs. David’s innovative approach to employer-employee relations has brought much-needed flexibility and adaptation to the industry. As the Founder and CEO, David has successfully guided his clients and staff through the challenges of four recessions—the early ’80s, early ’90s, early 2000s, the Great Recession, the pandemic, and the current slowdown due to inflation and high-interest rates.

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