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Design and Manage Your Career.
Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, interested in a flexible work environment, or passively searching for another architecture job that maximizes your unique skills, the recruiters at CFA will help. We work with hundreds of top architecture and design firms in New York City and nationwide, offering opportunities to broaden your portfolio and enhance your career by putting it on the fast track.

Focus on Your Projects…Let Us Do the Searching.
As a CFA consultant, you’ll be able to concentrate on your current project–not on looking for your next one. We strive to consistently refer you to a variety of rewarding projects at quality companies. You choose what projects and fees suit your needs. If a full-time position is your goal, you can choose a traditional offer or to have a trial period first before committing.

Create a Job Agent Email.
Our automated “Job Agent” allows you to passively search for architecture jobs that meet criteria you specify and automatically e-mail you the results without you having to return to the website each day.

Hiring Firms

Profit From the CFA Advantage.
Whether you need someone with CAD expertise, a skilled designer, or a project manager, CFA can refer the best-qualified available professional to help you bring your projects to completion on time and on budget. Avoid time-consuming recruiting and the costly hiring-firing cycle; avail yourself of CFA’s convenient personalized and web-based services, and free up your time to focus on billable activities. Owned and operated by experienced architecture and design professionals, CFA provides the industry’s top expertise in assessing and fulfilling all architecture job requirements. Since 1984, when it pioneered a new paradigm of “flex staffing and hiring,” CFA has reviewed and evaluated thousands of portfolios and candidates, creating an unparalleled network and database of talent.

Build a Better Business. We recruit and place architecture professionals on a project, project-to-permanent, and permanent-hire basis. The professionals we source are those with the creative talent, technical ability, and persistence to thrive at your organization … Those who will improve your company’s profitability … And those who will help you build a better business. The following are many examples of the types of positions for which CFA recruits. Click here.

Autodesk Skills Assessments

Evaluate Your Skills. Establish Your Credibility.
We assess our candidates’ Autodesk skills before we present them to our clients. Our Assessment is a cutting-edge, flexible and fully scalable skills assessment tool. Designed from the ground up  to enhance our comprehensive candidate search and qualification procedures. This unique tool helps our recruiters evaluate today’s top professionals in a real-world office situation. For hiring firms we can customize our assessments. There is no limit to the type of questions that can be asked or the topics those questions can cover.

Bringing CAD Assessments to Next Level.
Our Assessments are valuable, professional credentials, which are recognized standards for design software proficiency in a professional office setting. Candidates who avail themselves to these programs are much better prepared for success in both the job market and the workplace.

Also available directly to clients.
Independently evaluate your staff and new employees with assessments customized with office standards here. For purchasing, please contact CFA at (212) 532-4360

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