CFA Launches New Website

Launches New Website

launches new websiteJune 8, 2013
–  New York – CFA Launches New Website. The entire CFA team and I are pleased to announce the completion of the re branding of our company, social sites, and website.  We wanted a fresh new look that better reflects our architects and firms in a constantly changing world and the professionals we represent.  I described CFA to as a 29 year old “start-up” because we have always reacted well to change and our brand should reflect our unique ability and staying power.  CFA was successful the year it was created, 1984, and has never looked back.

About CFA:

Consulting for Architects, Inc. New York | Los Angeles, was founded 1984 with one goal in mind: To identify architects and firms with compatible design sensibilities and match them on a project or permanent basis. As a published designer with educational and professional background in the field, CFA founder and CEO David McFadden spearheads the firm’s efforts to address the specific needs of customers. CFA is a true “market-maker,” with thousands of successful project and permanent placements – all thanks to you, its esteemed clients, comprised of hundreds of independent professionals and firms on both sides of the hiring equation.



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